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Beauty Treatments

For clients who would prefer beauty treatments in the relaxing environment of a peaceful salon away from the distractions of their own home. 



Parafin Wax OPI Manicure             1hour            £42                

Parafin Wax OPI Pedicure               1 1/4 hours   £47

Parafin Wax Treatment                    1/2 hour        £22          

Massage Chair 

Cinderella Beauty Therapy has a fantastic Portable Massage Chair to help you relax and relieve stress and tension from the back, neck, shoulder and scalp area in just 10 minutes.

Why not book your massage with another treatment for just £18.

Treatments can be carried out in the comfort of your home

Massage Chair Treatment          £18

Office Massage

Southampton, Salisbury and Bournemouth

As an employer it is important to create a work environment that ensures the well being of your team is a top priority.

Regular massage is a great way to relieve stress in the workplace.

Using a specialist Massage Chair a 10 minute Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp Massage is carried out.

Your team will be left feeling calm, focused and alert therefore recharged ready for their task ahead.

Treatments are carried out over clients clothing.


  • Motivates your team
  • Boosts team morale
  • Reduces stress related absences
  • Improves alertness and concentration
  • Improves performance
  • Improves productivity

2 hours      £100

4 hours      £200

6 hours      £250

8 hours      £300

 Book 12 monthly sessions and receive one massage session FREE.

Events Massage

Southampton, Salisbury and Bournemouth

Massage at your event is a great way to attract attention to your business.

Using a special Massage Chair a 10 minute Back, Neck, Shoulder and Scalp Massage is carried out over clients clothing.


  • Attract visitors to your exhibition stand
  • Treat clients at hospitality event
  • Helps promote your brand
  • Use as reward scheme for corporate event
  • Use as motivational incentive
  • Great for sports events pre and post

2 hours               £100

4 hours               £200

6 hours               £250

8 hours               £300

Pamper yourself for an hour and a half of complete tranquility.

This treatment is a Full Body and Scalp Massage creating 100% relaxation.

Total Body Indulgence                 1 1/2 hrs £82

Treat yourself to an hour and a half of tranquil bliss.

This treatment begins with gentle body brushing and exfoliation using Décleor Creme Exfoliante, the skin is beautifully smooth by removing the dead skin cells. Décleor Relax Intense Balm is then massaged all over the body finishing with a Décleor Facial which includes a Scalp Massage.

Heavenly Escape                          1 1/2 hrs £94

Hot Stone Massage is a deep therapeutic massage using Hot Basalt Stones.

This treatment heals the mind, body and spirit and is truly relaxing.

It is 10 times more effective than Swedish Massage, getting deeper into the muscles and giving a greater sense of well being.

It detoxifies, improves circulation and accelerates lymph drainage.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage                                            1 hr      £62

Back, Neck And Shoulder Hot Stone Massage                   1/2hr    £52

Revive and invigorate your mind, body and soul with a relaxing massage.

Within minutes any stress from your day will slowly disappear. Massage helps to relieve muscular aches and pains.

All relaxing treatments are enjoyed with the warmth and comfort of an electric blanket.

Swedish Full Body Massage                       1 hr        £50

Back, Neck, Shoulder And Scalp Massage  40 mins  £44

Back, Neck And Shoulder Massage          1/2hr         £40

Scalp Massage                                         1/2hr         £40

Indulge yourself with a heavenly Décleor Facial using products specific to your skin type.

The facial begins with a deep cleanse, exfoliation, pressure point and phyto drainage massage and you may choose between either an arm or scalp massage during the mask. It concludes with moisturising the skin, leaving it beautifully radiant.

Décleor Facial                        1 hr       £52

Whether you are preparing for a special occasion or do not wish to appear pale for the first few days of your holiday St. Tropez gives you a fantastic natural golden tan.

The treatment includes moisturising and application of the tanning mousse.

Clients must exfoliate 24hrs prior to their treatment.

It must stay on for at least 5 hours before showering and it lasts for 7-10 days.

Full Body St. Tropez Tan                      3/4hr              £44

A natural therapy for the head and ears that is centuries old, candling is used to gently remove toxins and build up of old ear wax.

The treatment includes a relaxing pressure point facial massage which helps to unblock sinuses and relieve tension.

It is fantastic for clients who suffer with blocked and painful ears on flights.

Hopi Ear Candling                              40 mins        £40

OPI Products

Book a Manicure or Pedicure using the OPI Infinite Shine Gel Effect polishes.

Primer, Lacquer of your choice and Gloss.

Lasts up to 10 days

No soak off needed

Non-stop mirror shine

Treat your hands and feet to a divine pampering.

Manicures and pedicures help keep nails and cuticles tidy improving their appearance and the skin is cared for with high quality products, OPI.

Why not upgrade to a luxury treatment, this includes exfoliation and a mask with heated mitts and booties to help increase circulation and nourish the skin.

Choose from a fabulous range of nail colours or if you prefer the natural look, a french polish.

Parafin Wax                                          1/2hr       £22


OPI Manicure                                      3/4hr       £32


OPI Luxury Manicure                         1hr          £37

OPI Pedicure                                      1hr          £37

OPI Luxury Pedicure                         1 1/4hr    £42

French Polish Extra                          1/4hr       £7

File And Paint                                   1/2hr       £25

Eyelash and brow tinting creates the right look to compliment your facial features.

Eyelash tinting is particularly beneficial for people who participate in sporting activities, especially swimming.

You will need a patch test 24hrs prior to your treatment to ensure no allergy exists.

Eyelash Tint                                               1/2hr       £25

Eyebrow Tint                                             1/4hr       £18


Eyelash And Brow Tint                             1/2hr       £35

You should ensure that the hair to be waxed is a minimum of 0.75cm - 1cm in length so the wax will take to the hair effectively. This is normally around 2 weeks post shaving growth or 4-6 weeks post waxing.

Once the waxing has been completed, soothing after wax lotion is applied to calm the skin helping it to recover quickly from the treatment.

 Benefits Of Waxing

  • Will keep skin looking naturally smooth.
  • Wax lasts 4-6 weeks, compared to shaving that lasts for 1 or 2 days.
  • Hairs become sparse over time.
  • Hairs become finer and weaker.
  • Slows down hair growth.

Full Leg Wax           3/4hr     £30


3/4 Leg Wax            1/2hr     £28


1/2 Leg Wax          1/2hr        £26

Full Arm Wax         1/2hr        £25


Forearm Wax         1/2hr        £23

Hollywood Wax      1/2hr        £36


Brazilian Wax        1/2hr        £30


Thong Wax             1/4hr        £26


Bikini Wax             1/4hr        £20

Underarm Wax      1/4hr        £18

Lip Wax                  1/4hr        £14


Chin Wax              1/4hr        £14


Eyebrow Wax        1/4hr        £15

Waxing Packages

Lip And Chin Wax                                        1/4hr         £21

Full Leg, Bikini And Underarm Wax            1hr           £58.50


1/2 Leg, Bikini And Underarm Wax              3/4hr       £55

Full Leg, Bikini Or Underarm Wax              3/4hr        £43


1/2 Leg, Bikini Or Underarm Wax               1/2hr       £40

Full Leg And Thong Wax                              3/4hr        £50


1/2 Leg And Thong Wax                              1/2hr        £47

Full Leg And Brazilian Wax                        1hr           £52


1/2 Leg And Brazilian Wax                         3/4hr       £49

Full Leg And Hollywood Wax                     1 1/4hr     £56.50


1/2 Leg And Hollywood Wax                      3/4hr       £53.50

Full Leg, Thong And Underarm Wax          1 1/4hr     £63.50

1/2 Leg, Thong And Underarm Wax           3/4hr       £60.50

Full Leg, Brazilian And Underarm Wax     1hr          £67


1/2 Leg, Brazilian And Underarm Wax       3/4hr     £64

Full Leg, Hollywood And Underarm Wax    1 1/4 hr   £72.50


1/2 Leg, Hollywood And Underarm Wax     1 hr          £70

Back and Chest Wax                                     3/4 hr       £47

Mens Waxing

Hair removal is the most popular male treatment i carry out and not as painful as men first envisage!

Benefits Of Mens Waxing

  • Will help keep skin looking naturally smooth.
  • Waxing can last up to 8 weeks compared to shaving which lasts 1 or 2 days.
  • Hairs become sparse over time.
  • Hairs become finer and weaker.
  • Slows down hair growth.
  • Enhances muscle definition.

Back Wax                                      1/2hr       £28


Chest Wax                                     1/2hr      £28

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